MTI Charting

Support Policy

  1. Telephone, Email, Live Chat are the only Support Channels available for our data products. We are able to provide efficient and effective support to thousands of users using above support channels.
  2. Our products are trialware. It means that user is expected to take a trial (free / paid) and subscribe only if product matches their requirements. Please note that all sales are final and subscription amount for any development is not refundable. As it takes our Time and Resources.
  3. Users are expected to be computer literate. They should know common terminologies and are conversant with general operations like Copy, Paste, Download, Run, etc..
  4. Our support for charting platforms will be limited to datafeed integration. Charting platforms are vast and have many advanced features. Users are expected to learn them on their own or from their platform providers.
  5. Our product installation and integration is straight forward – you have to simply click on ‘NEXT’ button in most cases. Step by step help with screenshots is provided in user guide as well as Help Videos. Hence we offer remote desktop support for product installation and integration generally only for the first time. We also show how to add symbols and fetch data – by adding a few symbols during same session. It is expected that users then follow above help resources to learn other things.
  6. It is user’s responsibility to save / backup accumulated historical data and Custom Developed Indicators which is saved in their charting platforms’ database over period of time. Please note that user will lose all data if symbol is deleted and added again – as this will fetch intraday data of latest 1 month from our servers. User may need to delete and add symbol for many reasons – most of which are beyond user’s / our control. No claims for external backfill to make up for lost data, Indicators OR subscription refund in this regard will be not be entertained in any circumstances.
  7. While using live chat, users are expected to explain their issues in decent language. Abusive language over live chat will not be tolerated. Such users will be warned and may be denied support over live chat. No claim for any refunds will be entertained in such cases.
  8. Remote Desktop Support is the last resort and is generally used when there is no written help available to solve the issues reported by the users. Please do not expect us to show every feature of our data product on remote desktop – it is simply not possible. It is expected that users follow the instructions as given in the user guide or by our executives to resolve the issues first – before requesting remote desktop support. We may reject to offer remote desktop support if asked for same reasons again and again.That said, we wish to assure you that we offer remote desktop support willingly and pro-actively to resolve customer issues. This policy is laid out so as to prevent unnecessary excessive use – genuine issues are regularly handled and resolved using all support channels – including remote desktop support.